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"I created Tallis to make luxury yet contemporary fur products, using responsibly sourced materials.  I have cared about sustainability since before spell-check recognised the word.  I used to ask waiters where their seafood came from, before anyone asked that question, just to try to get the word out.  I have been passionate about sustainability since the penny first dropped while diving in a school of tuna, so when I founded Tallis I knew that sustainability was going to be integral to the brand.  Fur isn’t for everyone, but for those who want it, we aim to be their go-to brand for trusted products."  -  Lilly Milligan Gilbert, Tallis founder.  Read more about Our Fur.


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August 03, 2016

IS SUSTAINABILITY COMPATIBLE WITH INDIA'S GROWING TEXTILES INDUSTRY? TALLIS HEADS TO INDIA The textiles industry is a huge source of employment in India.  The abundance of resources such as cotton (it’s the world’s second highest cotton producer), as well as labour, has allowed the textiles industry to grow to contribute to 11% of India’s overall exports.  The effect this has on reducing unemployment is of course encouraging.  Unfortunately, however, the industry offers jobs to both skilled and unskilled professionals alike and it is those unskilled workers who are most vulnerable to mistreatment and poor working conditions, within the industry that is large, factory based and working to economies of scale.  In addition, the volume of textiles created in this booming... Continue Reading →

A Tallis is for life not just for Christmas

December 02, 2015

Join the Fashion Revolution The Fashion Revolution is a movement to create a visionary fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.  The idea is that by being curious and finding out about textile suppliers, consumers can inspire change and promote transparent supply chains that match that vision. I know who makes all of our Tallis products, by their first names. Tallis is about considered craftsmanship, as we sell hand-made, artisanal accessories that have been created from carefully selected materials from trusted sources.  The Fashion Revolution movement evidently strikes a cord with me. I agree that products should be made in an ethical way which ensures the wellbeing of workers in the supply chain and raw material production... Continue Reading →

Tallis Fur Blog

December 02, 2015

In this blog we write about ethical fur as well giving you the latest news and stories about Tallis.  Please select which kind of posts you want to read using the category selector above. Continue Reading →

Tallis Store in Geneva, 7-13 December

December 01, 2015

Address Nest Gallery, 14 Rue Etienne-Dumont, 1204 (off Bourg-de-Four square in the Old Town) Opening hours Monday 7th           10.30 – 21.00 (open evening from 19.00, all welcome!)Tuesday 8th           10.30 – 19.30Wednesday 9th      10.30 – 19.30Thursday 10th       10.30 – 21.00 (late night shopping)Friday 11th            10.30 – 19.30Saturday 12th        10.00 – 18.00Sunday 13th          10.00 – 18.00  Continue Reading →


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