Tallis Ski Band - How to Wear It

October 21, 2014

Tallis ski band
Helmet fitting
Tallis ski bands are a loop of fur, closed at the nape of the neck by thick elastic.  They stretch directly onto a ski helmet, the elastic allowing for different sizes of helmet. They are one-size only, fitting helmets of 70cm (un-stretched) to 73cm (stretched).  This size fits the vast majority of ladies' ski helmets, if it does not fit your helmet we will give you a full refund.
We are able to make one-off extra-large ski bands through our Geneva stockist.
Headband fitting 
When you come off the slopes at the end of the day, you can remove your Tallis ski band from the helmet and wear it directly on your head as a headband.  This is thanks to two lengths of hidden velcro at the nape of the neck.  To put the headband on, simply place over your head and push the back together like a ponytail.  That's one way to hide helmet hair during après ski!  The ski band is adjustable in size when worn as a headband: 60cm (smallest setting) to 70cm (largest setting).
Scarf fitting
The Tallis ski band may also be worn as a collar, it looks great over a jacket or jumper.  To wear as a collar, place it around your neck with the ribbons at the bottom, press the velcro together to fasten securely.
Tallis ski bands have a decorative black grosgrain ribbon which can be tied in a knot or bow at the nape of the neck, hiding the elastic and showing off the Tallis logo. The ribbons can also be left to dangle if you prefer.  If tying into a bow, we recommend tying as you would a bow-tie.


ski band


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