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Fish Leather Luxe

September 18, 2019

Fish Leather Luxe

We are so excited about our new range of fish leather accessories, arriving just in time to add a touch of glamour to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. With the look of snakeskin, fish leather has a luxurious, exotic appeal. Yet it is nine times stronger than traditional leather. 

Most importantly, it gets a big green tick from us at Tallis. It is sustainably sourced and uses much less energy than in traditional leather tanning processes. Like other Tallis materials, it is natural and therefore biodegradable.

Icelanders have been making shoes out of fish leather for many years. The product is durable and insulating. At Tallis, we have made it into beautiful, eye-catching accessories: pouches, glasses cases, belts and keyrings. There is an array of gorgeous colours to choose from, which complement each other beautifully.    

Our pouches add a touch of glamour when carried as a clutch. 
Or use them to keep small items accessible in a larger handbag.

Pouch inside handbag

Keep your eyewear protected in our stunning glasses case
Available in yellow, green or turquoise.

Glasses case

Mix and match the colours. 
Our pouches 
come in yellow, turquoise, copper, pink and green.

Handbag pouch in fish leather

And to top it all, we are giving back to our fishy friends. With every sale of our fish leather products we are donating one Swiss franc to an exciting new marine reserve project in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia.  The Archipelago is home to some previously unidentified species of fish as well as coral reef colonies which could help us find strategies to protect them in rising sea temperatures.  It's an incredible cause and very relevant: mitigating climate change and protecting the oceans.. 

Check out the full range at

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