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Getting to know... Snezana

June 06, 2017

Snezana Trifunovic at Tallis


In the second of our interview series about the people who make TALLIS products, we speak to the wonderful Snezana who works at Creature, in Geneva.  She is part of the team which makes TALLIS creations by hand in the Creature workshop.

Here’s what she had to say:

  1. What is your job at Creature and how long have you worked there?

My work at Creature is as a seamstress and I have worked there for almost five years, almost from the beginning of Creature (when the company was called Label Bobine).


  1. What type of brands do you work with?

We work with many designers, creators and brands. We do various things such as swimsuits, shirts, bags and sun lounger chairs. For bags and chairs we use upcycled truck and panel covers.


  1. Do you make Tallis products more than other brands? If so, did you request to do that?

Yes, I asked my ,manager to work on more Tallis products because I like to work with fur. I have just asked to do my second internship with Tallis this year, during which I will learn a lot more about working with fur.


  1. What were your first thoughts about the brand and its products?

I couldn't believe how luxurious the products are and how good the quality is.


  1. You make a number of different Tallis products. What is your favourite and why?

I like to make them all! The girls call me Madame Pompom because I do so many.


  1. Do you and the team enjoy making Tallis products?

Yes and now we have a lot of work from Tallis and I can not do it all alone, so I work with the others. I oversee their work.


  1. Did you need to learn new specific skills to create the Tallis range?

Yes, a lot of skills. I learned to cut and sew fur properly and to position patterns to prevent waste.  Working with fur is very specialised.


  1. Do you feel happy when you see the items made at Creature at Globus and the other stores that sell Tallis in Geneva?

Yes, they're beautiful when they're displayed!  It's a real pleasure when I see the products that I have made there too.  Also, I have seen many Tallis hats on people in the street!


  1. Do you feel proud that the products you make are ethical?

Yes!  It makes me happy that Tallis products are made ethically and also, it is rare to have clothes on sale in Switzerland that are Swiss made and created by hand.

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