Getting to know... Vicky

Getting to know... Vicky


We are continuing this "getting to know…" series with the lovely Vicky, who has been working for Tallis for the past few years.

Your start

1. How did you discover Tallis?

I knew Lilly before she began the brand Tallis and I took an active interest from the beginning. I remember we used to meet for coffee in the early days and I’d give my opinion on colour choices etc which I loved doing.

2. What was the little something that made you fall in love with Tallis?

I knew early on that Lilly was on to something special with Tallis. Her energy was what first attracted me to the brand as it’s a labour of love for her. Her passion for sustainability drives the brand and as so much thought goes in to each product, I naturally loved the collection too.

3. What did you do to join the Tallis team? When was it?

Because I’d been involved gradually since the beginning, when the business began to grow, it became obvious that the next step was for me to come on-board with Lilly. I think that for both of us the decision was an easy one in the end – more like a natural next step than a ground-breaking shift.

4. What did you study before?

I studied art so nothing to do with fashion or sustainability but I guess the creative element is there.

Working as a Tallis team member

5. What do you actually do in the company?

I head up the sales division of the company.

6. What is a typical working day like?

It is rare for any two days to be the same. My job also changes massively across the year too as we work at pop-ups selling our products during the autumn and winter, and we then spend the end of winter and the beginning or spring travelling to retailers and trade shows, before spending the summer making the collection for the next season.

7. Do you miss having a more traditional ‘desk’ job?


8. What do you particularly enjoy about being in that team?

The comradery that develops through being part of a small business.

9. Do you consider more Lilly as a colleague or as a friend?

As a best friend first and foremost, but it’s a friendship that has been largely formed around being colleagues and spending every day together.  Ultimately when we’re at work business comes first, however, having a smile on our faces is how we’ve managed some of the more difficult/challenging situations that naturally arise with young businesses. 

10. What do you like the most about working in the sales department?

I love meeting new people and love the buzz of having a discussion with a new customer that gets the concept of our brand and is enthusiastic about it.

11. If you could only have one Tallis product, which would you choose?

My sheepskin scruff, made from food-industry by-product sheepskin. I wear it pretty much every day between September and May.  It’s light, warm and goes with everything.

12. What have you learnt while chatting with customers?

That people appreciate quality products and brands that are prepared to be transparent about what they do and how they do it.

13. As an English woman, how difficult was it at the beginning to talk with customers in French?

Very.  It has forced me to learn quickly and I am very grateful to every patient person who has had to listen to me speak their language terribly.

14. Which is your favourite social media?

Instagram – the feed algorithms are a pain but it’s so much more fun now there are stories and live post options.


15. What pop-up did you enjoy the most?

When we collaborate with Globus before Christmas it’s always great.  It’s long hours and hard work as it’s busy but we meet so many new customers and are always next to other fabs brands, so there can be a real buzz in the store.

16. There must be loads, but can you tell us your best/funniest memory from a pop-up?

Lilly’s car broke down one year and we had to borrow a convertible car for a Christmas Market pop-up.  Driving down the motorway in freezing December weather with the top down and a mannequin, mirror, large lamp and a ton of stock sticking out of the car was quite funny.

17. What is the strangest question you ever got asked at a pop-up?

We often get asked to try on the products while people take photos to send to friends/family to see if they like them.  I’m very happy to do that but it’s always hard to keep a straight face knowing a stranger will be looking at you trying to be a model.

18. We all know everything doesn’t always happen as you planned it to, so what was your biggest surprise at an event?

We once worked at a Christmas market where when we arrived we only had 3 of the 4 walls needed for our tent.  Trying to pin up a table cloth to fill the hole while it snowed heavily was quite hard work. It was so wet and snowy inside our tent that when we turned on our lamp we blew the electricity for 5 tents in the row.  Our neighbours weren’t very happy with us!

19. Do you prefer having pop-ups in various locations or hosting some events in the Tallis workshop?

I am super excited to host events here in the new shop.  It will be so much fun having them on our turf!

20. What would your dream pop-up be?

Dream pop-ups are the ones where it’s more than just a sales event, such as events promoting sustainable/eco-friendly brands.  The clients we meet are always so engaged and interested at those events. We get to have some very positive discussions. 

More personal questions

21. What music do you like listening to while working?

I like all types of music but I have a bad habit of singing along, which is bad for everyone else.

22. How much coffee do you drink at work?

Too much. Lilly and I are terrible at that.

23. Who can cheer you up whenever you’re feeling tired? Tell us your secret to always be the cheerful women you are.

Well that’s very kind of you to say that I am.  I happen to be married to a man with a great sense of humour, so he’s very good at pulling me out of any bad mood or tiredness. Lilly also has a brilliant sense of humour, which has got us through some long days.

24. What do you like the most about Switzerland/Geneva?

The good weather in the summer and everything that that enables me to do.

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