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It's Slow Fashion October

October 03, 2017

slow fashion

Slow Fashion

As a brand making small-batch fashion with a care for reusing materials wherever possible, we are thrilled that it's time for Slow Fashion October again. This is a month to champion ways to reduce our footprint when it comes it fashion, be that through the way we use our clothes, the brands we choose or the questions we ask.  It's the month to stop and think about your fashion choices.

You can get involved this month by reading, learning and contributing your ideas to the debate.  What do you think about slow fashion and has it changed your behaviour?  There are lots of blogs talking about this right now, we love the Fringe Association who champion the tag #slowfashionoctober and of course Fashion Revolution who encourage us to ask 'Who Made My Clothes?'.  This month is about asking who and how, and trying to avoid the pitfalls of fast fashion.

What Slow Fashion means to Tallis

From using reclaimed fur to make our accessories to repurposing surplus cashmere into beanies, at Tallis we always have an eye for reusing materials where possible.  We take a lot of thought over the end-of-life of our products, we use 100% natural materials so that whatever happens to our garments, they do not spend thousands of years in landfill as synthetics can.  Our newest initiative ForeverTallis completes the circle back to where we started, which was making hats from cashmere jumpers.  We have launched our first range of cashmere and merino jumpers, each one with a ForeverTallis label inside with instructions on how to send it back to us when it's old or damaged so we can turn it into a hat for you, for free.  We're so excited to be launching this initiative and empowering our customers to choose slow fashion.  Watch our film to learn more!

We are also very excited to be joining the Slow Fashion Showcase in Geneva, Switzerland on 15 November.  This will be an excellent opportunity to show our designs on the catwalk alongside other small-scale fashion brands based in this gorgeous lake-side city.  


Forever Tallis label


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