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Tallis and the Circular Economy

March 01, 2020

Tallis and the Circular Economy

In the so-called circular economy, we are trying to create products that are 'restorative by design’*. 

At Tallis, this means thinking about our products in 'sets' and creating a system around them whereby the consumer, our customer, is encouraged to 'think forward'. Our products are made in high-quality materials, often by hand, and they are designed to last a lifetime. 

We show our customers how to use & wash their Tallis garments sustainably. If in future, the clothing becomes damaged, we will encourage them to come to us and find a way for it to be reused:

  • We upcycle jumpers into hats
  • We have bought back garments from our customers so they can be sold as Tallis Refurb in our Swiss store
  • We mend items for customers, or give them tips to do it at home
  • We've restyled unworn hand-me-down coats into scarves or cushions
  • We've emailed a customer in the night to help them undo a laundry shrinkage disaster (yes, it can be possible with lots of water and patience!)

These are just some of the ways we support a circular economy at Tallis.

Are you feeling inspired? What can you do? Simply think about the future of what you’re buying at the moment you purchase it, and you'll see that your decision making becomes more circular without even realising.





* definition from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.


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