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What Makes Fish Leather So Good?

September 27, 2019

What Makes Fish Leather So Good?

With more and more people recognising just how damaging the fashion industry is to the environment, fish leather is becoming a much better clothing choice. This is all due to the sustainability of its sourcing and production process.


We get our fish leather from Iceland. Icelanders have been using fish leather for centuries to make shoes as it is resilient and insulating. At Tallis, we first used fish leather to add flair to our knitwear. It was such a hit that we have just launched our accessories range.


The fish skins used are salmon, perch, wolfish and cod. All the skins used are bi-products of the fishing industry and therefore zero waste.


The production process is environmentally-friendly as it makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.


The resulting material is long-lasting and durable. In fact, it’s many times stronger than cow or sheep leather.


Being a natural product, it will eventually biodegrade so it won't pollute the planet for 1000’s of years like synthetic materials.


And to top it all, it looks absolutely fabulous! It has the appearance of the most exotic of leathers such as snake and crocodile skin and comes in an array of stunning colours.


So it's good for the environment and great for your wardrobe. What's not to love?!!

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