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Where did the name TALLIS come from?

July 12, 2018

The name TALLIS

Where does the name Tallis come from?

We are often asked where the name Tallis comes from and what the story is behind it.  So here is some background about Tallis and how our logo came about.

The name TALLISAn early brainstorming session. What do you think of the other names?

Back in the beginning...

When Lilly founded Tallis, she wanted a name that would evoke feelings of strength and protection.  The brand was founded on the principal that we should, and can, create and consume products in a responsible way.  She also wanted a name that was filled with positivity and optimism, to reflect the sustainably sourced materials Tallis uses which bring positive impact to people and planet. 

This reminded Lilly of a childhood story she'd heard about the Tallis, a legendary deer.  The deer's name derives from a talisman - thought to bring good luck - and the story told over generations was that the Tallis deer led people to safety in a storm.  Tallis is born from this legend.  The name perfectly reflects our central belief: that what we do should take care of the environment and those around us.  

 TALLIS LogoIt was important that the Tallis logo embodied strength and protection, in an elegant and beautiful way

How did we design the logo?

As for the logo, the stag needed to embody strength and protection, in a way that evokes the beauty of our products.  The idea was to not feature a stag that was too static.  Lilly wanted it to be graceful and full of movement, about to spring into action!  This deer represents the energy, positivity and passion behind the brand Tallis and the products we create, made with love, by hand, from responsibly sourced materials.  


How the deer logo took shape

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