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Who is your Talisman? Show them you care as much as we do.

January 31, 2020

Who is your Talisman? Show them you care as much as we do.

At Tallis, we are proud to be represented by our handsome stag. Legend has it that he was the talisman of a group of travellers stuck in a severe snowstorm. The Tallis stag led these travellers out of the storm to safety. He is also our talisman. He keeps us warm and safe and leads us towards a more sustainable way of life.

Who is your Talisman? Who makes you feel loved and cherished? Whose path do you choose to follow alongside? 

Why not reflect your love for your talisman with a gift of something that will last a lifetime? Something that will wrap them in comfort and warmth knowing that it has been made to last, without harming the Earth.

Our Valentine’s Gift Boxes are a perfect gift of ever-lasting luxury and love.

Mix and match any two items and receive a 25% discount on the second product. We will wrap it in one of our beautiful Tallis gift boxes and post it to you.

We also have a Valentine's Gift Box set for men.


Join us at our Valentines Event on the 11th February at:
10, Rue Docteur Alfred-Vincent,
1201, Geneve.
Where we will have some pre-made sets available.
This Valentine's, gift something green with love from Tallis.





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