Sneak peek at the Tallis Christmas card draft

December 08, 2014

We love it so much, we couldn't stop ourselves from sharing the first draft of our Christmas cards.  They are going to feature our very own Tallis deer with a santa hat.  

Here's he is

Tallis Christmas Card

In case you don't know the story, The Tallis is a legendary deer, its name derives from a talisman - thought to bring good luck. The story told over generations was that a Tallis saved a beleaguered tribe in a snow storm by showing the way to shelter, and since then has always brought safety and comfort to those who have the good fortune to spot him in the snow.​ Tallis is born from this legend.  We live and breathe to make special products which keep you safe and warm in style.

You can read more about Tallis and our responsible fur policies in our Responsible Fur section of the website.

How can you get these cards?

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page and back our Tallis beanie project!  If you back us for £29, we will send you a pack of these luxury Christmas cards with envelopes (on 100% recycled paper, of course).  You can also make bigger pledges to get selected Tallis hats at special Kickstarter prices.

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