Recycling a vintage mink coat

November 25, 2014

One of the types of responsible fur we use at Tallis is vintage fur, that is, fur from a garment made some time ago which is not worn any more.  We use vintage fur as it means not having to use new fur.

The 289 mini mink balls

This post is about a vintage fur coat from England which we turned into mink pom-poms to use on our Beret Mini Pom and Impy Beanies hats.  First we selected the coat (below left), it's a 'light pastel' which varies in colour as you move across the coat, meaning it would give us pom-poms from a pale cream to a dark camel.  The coat was turned into 289 small pom-poms, individually sewn by hand in London.  Each time we get an order, the pom-poms are then hand-sewn onto our hats and shipped to their new homes.  
vintage mink coat


Fur can last 100 years

Re-manufacturing fur is something we have done for generations.  Fur is a strong, resistant material designed to weather the elements, and if it is well looked after so that it remains supple, it can be reworked a few times over in its lifetime.  Due to the way fur behaves, a professional furrier can cut and re-stitch it with an invisible seam.  In fact, many fur garments you see are made up of cut and re-stitched fur pieces, a term known as 'letting-out'.  Here is Mark working on his fur machine, his family have been furriers for three generations.
ethical fashion


Defining vintage 

We use vintage fur because it means not having to use new fur from a farm.  At Tallis, we define "vintage" with a cut-off date of 1975, which allowing for a few years margin of error, means we are only using garments made 35 years ago or more.  This is of course a finite resource, as pre-1975 fur coats will run out one day.

We like vintage

I was very impressed with your concept.  I would not buy new furs but I like your up-cycling idea.  Good luck with it all and I truly hope that it is a success - Jenny
I think its a brilliant idea, really smart and exactly what the world of fur needs to continue to survive - Sarah

recycling vintage fur coats

To sign off, here is our Mini Beret Pom in coral, sporting a mini mink pom-pom from the vintage coat.

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