Fish Leather

September 25, 2018

Fish Leather

Years ago, Icelanders would make shoes with fish skin because it is tough and insulating.  At Tallis, we are super excited to announce the addition of this beautiful material in our latest clothing collection. Leather made from fish skin looks like the exotic skins, such as lizard or snake-skin, typically used in fashion.  However it beats them in terms of sustainability because it is entirely a by-product of the fishing industry, using raw material that would otherwise go to waste.  Our fish leather is also environmentally friendly because the production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.

We have chosen to use perch skin in this first collection because of its fine pattern and texture. It makes the fab elbow patches on our Fisherman Jumper, available in grey or black.  Fish leather is supple and washable (on colours without a metallic finish - which are dry cleaned instead). We hope you love the story behind these jumpers as much as we do!



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