How we style our Scruff...

November 09, 2016 2 Comments

How we style our Scruff...

The clever Scruff can be worn a number of ways.  Here's how we style ours...

For a relaxed look, leave your Scruff open and over the shoulders.  It's a statement without being formal. Tallis shearling scruff

For a chic lapel, fasten the Scruff at the front to hold the shape.  This looks great over any jacket or coat, or a jumper to sharpen the look.Tallis scruff

To obtain the signature collar shape from which the 'Scruff' got its name, wrap the scruff around your neck and then fasten using the clips on the ends.Tallis shearling scruff

Find Tallis Scruffs here.

shearling scruffblack shearling scruffbeige shearling scruffgrey shearling scruff



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November 10, 2016

So beautiful!!! I want one!!!


November 10, 2016

Love how your scruffs! Beautiful photos!


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