Keeping it in the family

February 22, 2017 2 Comments

Keeping it in the family

Last month we were delighted to have another bespoke project to work on and it turned out that we were more intimately involved than at first we thought!

 When good friend and long-term Tallis fan, Charlotte, approached us with the idea to up-cycle the magnificent, vintage, fox fur coat she had been given by her father, we were naturally delighted and began making plans. 

 As Charlotte explains; “I absolutely loved the coat and was so touched to have been given it, but I knew the style was a bit too outdated for my taste and I didn’t want it to just sit in my wardrobe being forgotten about! I wondered if there was something that could be done to give it a new lease of life and I went to the Tallis girls for help...”   

While in the workshop, Charlotte’s eye fell on a Tallis Scruff and we decided then and there to recreate the coat into one for her, a Tallis Scruff with a personal history.  With the remainder of the coat we decided to make a matching pompom for Charlotte’s beanie and three additional scarves and collars for other customers.  So, we set to work and to our astonishment, when we were first inspected the coat we saw from its label that it was originally created by the British furrier Sacks & Brendlor.  An insignificant discovery to the majority, but it just so happens that the family business was owned by none other than Lilly’s husband’s grandparents! It was such a thrill that the coat had been on its own adventure and had found its way back to Lilly, back to the family, to be worked on and enjoyed all over again. Needless to say, the project took on even more personal significance from that point onward and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tallis Scruff

As we’re always telling our clients, if you look after fur it should last for well over a hundred years!  Therefore, if it can be remade and reused, we’re always the first to volunteer to help.  

It was an absolute pleasure to turn Charlotte’s family air loom into something she would wear and get real enjoyment from.  With such a strong personal sense of style, Charlotte made it easy for us to work with her to design and produce her Scruff scarf and it makes us immensely proud that a coat which has a personal history with both her family and Lilly’s, could be given a new lease of life.

- Vicky Bradley, Tallis - Geneva, 15 February 2017

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Lea Fraser-Andrews
Lea Fraser-Andrews

March 30, 2017

I found you while searching ‘what to do with old fur’ as a friend has been left 3 pairs of gloves, some fur (mink I think) hats & mink collars and rather than throw them away, I wondered what else we could do with them. I love the idea of the Pom poms – can you let us know how to make them? They also make great key rings. Any other suggestions really appreciated. Many thanks


February 28, 2017

Great story and I am that grandma.
Sandra Brendlor

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