New York

October 10, 2018

New York

There is always a different way to see things, life is all about perception. Climb up high like we did here to the roof of the Met gallery in New York City, and saw Manhattan from a different angle, all green, leafy and ever so serene. 

Tallis stag jumper

Or climb metaphorically out of whatever your head is in, put some distance between you and the day-to-day and, with any luck, you’ll find a fresher vantage point where you can take a moment to smile.

Tallis shabby jumper

Our pure cashmere hoody in grey and turquoise came in handy up there.. and you may think it’s a jumper but up there it became a hat! Find out how


Get the look....

Tallis turquoise hoodyTallis stag jumperShabby unisex jumperTurquoise reversible beanie


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