Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

In the UK alone, the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper are thrown away every year. This on top of the packaging that is thrown away from toys and gifts, means there are around 100 million bin bags full of waste thrown into landfill every year.
So on top of choosing eco gifts, it is just as important to make sure they are wrapped in a sustainable way. Here are some recyclable alternatives to wrapping paper for you to use to show your friends and family how much you care:


Kraft paper

This is 100% sustainable. It is made from natural ingredients so will biodegrade and is compostable. It is also more sustainable to produce.


Beeswax wraps

Why not give two gifts in one? Wrap your gifts in beeswax wraps that come in gorgeous patterns. Check out the beautiful designs of our Honeywraps from Greensister.



Wrapping presents in newspaper looks wonderful when matched with a bright red or vintage ribbon. Our Tallis grosgrain ribbons are endlessly reusable! 



Use a piece of fabric, a tea towel or a scarf in place of wrapping paper. Wrap in the same way you would wrap with paper. Fix the fabric in place by using pins or safety pins instead of using tape.

You could also try the Japanese method of Furoshiki in which you wrap a gift by using fabric and secure it by tying a knot.


Create a Family Gift Box

With many of us being apart from one another, why not create a family gift box? Re-use a box, tin or Tallis gift box and fill it with home-made gifts including something for everyone. Wrap it with any of the above.


Buy a ready-made Eco-Gift box

Let somebody else do the work for you, mix & match from our eco gifts collection to make a gift box.


To seal and decorate
  • Brighten your gifts with natural twine, raffia or recycled ribbon.
  • Collect pieces of ribbon and store in a jar. Use these to decorate your gifts.
  • Use paper tape instead of Sellotape to seal.
  • Add a festive decoration –
    • a pine cone and berries
    • a stick of rosemary
    • a sprig of holly


Home-made Gift Wrapping

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