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How to Style... a TALLIS Beanie

October 12, 2017

Tallis Cashmere Beanie

Our Hats

In our Tallis collection, we have a luxe range of handmade berets and beanies, that are made from upcycled cashmere in the USA and finished with ethical fur pompoms, here in Geneva.  Within this range, we get asked very often by customers to show them how to style and wear our slouchy beanie hats in particular, as it’s not always obvious how these should be worn.  If you’re not sure how to ‘slouch’ or fold your hat, look no further as this blog post is for you!

Although I will explain specifically how to wear and style our Reversible Beanie in Cashmere,  a lot of the same techniques can be applied to the other knitted hats in our range such as our Cashmere Impy Beanie, our Reversible Beanie in Merino, our Slouchy Beanie in Woven Cashmere and our Slouchy Beanie in Cable Cashmere.

Tallis Slouchy Cashmere and Merino Beanies


Getting Started

Firstly, a good place to start when trying on a Tallis beanie is to get the stag logo in the correct place.  All of the hats in our range (apart from the Cashmere Jester Hat and the Classic Beret in Cashmere) are designed to have the stag logo worn over the left ear, with the interior label at the back of the head.  This ensures that all seams are in the correct place and is the first thing you need to consider.

Next, the key to a great looking wooly hat really is all in the slouch!  Every time you go to wear your beanie in the slouchy style make sure you tug your beanie downwards at the back of the hat and pull it down towards the neck.  This prevents the beanie staying in a point at the top of your head, or folding down in an unflattering crease!

  How to Style a Tallis Cashmere Slouchy Beanie


Reversible Beanies Specifically

In the case of our reversible beanies, your hat can also be worn in a tighter fitting style by folding the edges of the hat to double up the cashmere over the ears.  This makes the hat fit more snugly to your head and the ethical fur pom sits nice and high.

And of course, if you have a reversible hat with a pompom on it, don’t forget you can switch the pompom on to the other colour of cashmere, using the popper, and you can try all of the previous styles again. One hat can be worn four ways!

Tallis Cashmere Reversible Beanie


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