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How to Style... A TALLIS Collar in Shearling

October 20, 2017

 Tallis Shearling Collar


Our Collar

The Tallis Collar in Shearling is small yet sumptuous, warm yet lightweight and classic yet razor sharp in the style stakes.  It's yet another versatile Tallis product that can be worn a multitude of ways... once you know how!  It isn’t immediately obvious how you can get the most from your soft and luxurious sheepskin scarf so fear not, we’re here to help!

Firstly, the product was designed so that the ‘V’ shape of the collar is worn in the middle of the chest, as in the first image of this blog-post.  This keeps the chest warm and protected and fits perfectly over a jumper or snugly within the collar of a coat.  That being said, to mix up your look you can turn the 'V' to the back of the neck to give you a smooth collar look from the front, or have the two points of the collar placed to offer a different more 'shaggy' look.  You can also wear the collar open to accessorise your shoulders!


How to wear Tallis Shearling Collar


The Tallis collar fastens by way of an invisible magnet that we’ve sewn in to the seam.  It’s important to make sure that you fasten the magnet the same way each time you wear the product, so that the hair on the ‘good’ side of the collar doesn’t get flattened by the magnet being worn the wrong way.  This also ensures that the side of the collar that can be seen when you wear it, will always look perfect. Very important in our opinion!

 How to Style a Tallis Shearling Collar

What to wear it with

In addition, it's worth remembering just how easily this product can be used to accessorise a variety of different looks.  For example, when keeping the chill off your neck, the Collar in Shearling looks just as at home over a crisp white shirt in the office, as over your favourite staple jumper, such as the Tallis Classic Cashmere Crew or the Tallis Shabby Cashmere Crew, which is shown in these pictures.  Alternatively, when the temperature really drops, you can pair it with your leather jacket for for an edgy, textured scarf or with your smart winter coat for a day to evening chic look.  The sheepskin is so soft and sleek, that you can even wear your collar over a dress to add some warmth to your evening wear.  It really does go with everything!

 How to Style a Tallis Shearling Collar

What about a Tallis Shearling Scruff?

Don't forget, if you love the look of this short collar, but want even more options on how to style it, you can consider our Scruff in Shearling.  This is an even longer scarf, that can be fixed to work as a short collar too.  Even more options for your to explore! 

How to Style a Tallis Scruff in Shearling

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