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How to Style... a TALLIS Teeny Scarf

October 26, 2017

Tallis Teeny Scarf How to Style

What is a Teeny?

Brand new to our collection this year, we have the Tallis Teeny Scarf.  Intended as a smaller version of the Tallis Tippet, this is a much more interesting alternative to an everyday, plain scarf!  With a luxe shearling or fur trim, it's intended as a sumptuous accessory that's both warm and cosy, with a style twist!

The trim on this scarf offers the option to style this Teeny in many more ways than a normal scarf and we're going to show you how.  Firstly, this scarf can be worn open as a shawl, keeping your shoulders warm trans-seasonally with the lovely, fluffy trim keeping your neck extra cosy!  The cashmere and merino wool blend of the Teeny knit means that it's warm enough that it can be worn over just a top or jumper, such as the Tallis Classic Cashmere Crew Jumper which is pictured below.  You can also style it in a knot, as you would any other scarf, but the trim gives the shape movement and extra texture.  Similarly you can throw it over your shoulder casually, as you would another scarf, but with the trim providing much more of a style twist!


Tallis Teeny Scarf How to Style

What to wear it with

As with all of the Tallis products, we have designed the Tallis Teeny to be hugely versatile.  You can wear it with a winter coat, a smart evening outfit or even with your skiing gear as the materials are 100% natural, breathable and high-performance.  Here we've paired the scarf with a leather jacket to show you the styles we've already discussed, as well as the the scarf as a hood!  You really can play with this item and it will be the perfect accessory all winter long. 


Tallis Teeny Scarf in cashmere how to style


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