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How to Upcycle Your Cashmere Jumper

February 20, 2018

upcycle your cashmere jumper

A cashmere jumper can have a second life! 

We've all been there... you shrink your favourite jumper in the wash, or you snag it and make a hole, or the dreaded moths decide to have a feast at your expense.  When you've invested in a cashmere jumper, that you've grown to love and cherish, this can be an excruciating event and very upsetting when it happens!  But fear not, you needn't throw it away.  We've been working with Faith Hats since the brand Tallis began, upcycling cashmere sweaters to make into new, gorgeous hats that are guaranteed to keep you warm all winter.

Making hats is just one of the ways you can upcycle your jumper, by finding a pattern online and dusting off your sewing machine, you can give it a go and create something new.  And why stop there?  Why not try making gloves, using the sleeves of the jumper as the cuff?  You can breathe new life in to your beloved pullover, letting it live on to see another winter.  


Upcycled cashmere jumpers made in to hatsThree Tallis hat styles made from 100% upcycled cashmere (Impy Beanie, Classic Beret and Reversible Beanie)


Not confident enough to do it yourself? 

We know that not everyone will feel confident enough to take to their jumper with scissors and that's understandable. As part of our #ForeverTallis promise, we offer a service where you can send us your jumper and we will transform it in to a beanie or beret for you.  All you need to do is choose the style of hat from our range and then fill out our online form detailing your style choices and post us the jumper.  It's as easy as that!


Tallis make bespoke hatsThe Tallis team make Tallis products by hand in Geneva and the USA


ForeverTallis Jumpers 
Tallis also offers a range of ForeverTallis jumpers all knitted in Italy, from cashmere and merino wool.  Each one of our jumpers comes with the promise that if you damage it, or when it reaches the end of its life as a jumper, you can send it back to us and we'll make it in to a hat for you... for free!  You follow the same process of choosing a bespoke Tallis style hat for us to make, only we create the beanie at no cost to you at all.  Voila!  It couldn't be easier. 
Forever Tallis JumpersForeverTallis jumpers in the Tallis collection can all be made in to hats, for free.


So, whether you decide to upcycle your cashmere jumper into a hat (or anything else!) yourself, or if you call upon the help of the Tallis team, well done for taking the opportunity to reuse your clothes, keeping the fabric alive and avoiding waste.

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