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Want a product that's made to order? Start a summer project with TALLIS

May 05, 2018

Tallis Bespoke Projects

Want a summer project? Look no further! 

In case there's anyone left to announce it to... WE HAVE A NEW SHOWROOM! Based in Geneva (10 Rue Docteur Alfred-Vincent, 1201), we have a working space that is both a boutique and a workshop where we hand-make many of our products.  And we can't wait to see you there as soon as possible! 

Due to the way in which we make our things by hand at this new premises, we're able to listen to special requests from you, the customer, in order to tweak and amend products to suit your needs. Sometimes, this can go beyond tweaks to full collaborative projects where we create brand new, bespoke products for you, based on your ideas and mixed with our expertise.  Therefore, we encourage all of you to visit our workshop when you can and bring with you any ideas you have for bespoke projects, so that we can decide if they'll work. 

Naturally the best time of year for us to explore these ideas with our clients, in order to dedicate the maximum amount of time to them, is during the summer when we are largely in 'production mode'.  So, we'd love to hear from you should you have an idea in mind that you'd like to explore in the coming months! 

Tallis Bespoke ProjectsOur showroom is also a working atelier

Need some inspiration?

In case you don't have an idea yet but love the idea of collaborating with Tallis, here's an example of a project we undertook last summer, which may inspire you. 

A fab customer and friend, Réjane, came to see us last summer to discuss an idea for a product that she wanted.  She loved the way we source our beautifully soft sheepskin as a food-industry by-product and she really wanted us to make a gilet from it, which we didn't have in our collection at that time.  Therefore, once she had chosen the colour she wanted, we created a made-to-measure gilet, based on a combination of the specification she wanted and what we knew was possible to make. 

The finished product was fabulous and Réjane will wear it for many winters to come!

Tallis Bespoke Projects Réjane's gilet is a classic! A real 'keep for a lifetime' piece

Upcycling ideas

In addition to creating new products from scratch, we've also completed a number of upcycling projects for our clients.  For example, we once created a beautiful fox scruff collar and matching pompom for a friend and client, Charlotte.  She came to us with a beautiful vintage coat which had been passed through her family and held sentimental significance for her.  She knew that she wouldn't wear it as a coat, as it wasn't quite her normal style, so we came up with the alternative items with her, in order to keep the piece alive in her wardrobe.  You can read about this fab project in a previous blog post

Tallis Bespoke ProjectsCharlotte's coat made more than one product for her to enjoy

We also created a beautiful cashmere hat for our fab friend and client, Emma.  She had worn her favourite cashmere jumper to death but was reluctant to throw it away, as it had featured in some of her most cherished memories since her daughter had been born.  We upcycled her jumper into a beanie not only for her, but we also created a second for her daughter.  It was the perfect way to keep the product and the memories alive.  You can also read about this project on a previous blog post

Tallis Bespoke ProjectsIs there anything more lovely than mother and daughter matching?

We hope that this has inspired you to come up with some ideas and just remember, we're here if you need our help! 

See you soon! 

TALLIS, 10 Rue Docteur-Alfred Vincent, 1201 Geneva

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