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Pin-a-Pom Kit

Sustainable lifestyle
Description Ethical Sourcing Sizing Perfect as a gift, this little kit comes with all you need to make your own pompom.  Follow the instructions to sew your pompom and then use it to spruce up your handbag or sew it onto your favourite beanie.  Kit com...


Sustainable lifestyle
Use our Guppyfriend Washing Bag to place synthetic clothing in before putting it into the washing machine. This will reduce the amount of microfibres that enter rivers and oceans during washing because the bag catches them as they are shed. After washing, ...


Sustainable lifestyle
Use our Sweater stone to restore knitwear to its pristine state.  When your cashmere or wool clothing starts to pill, simply rub the stone over it prior to washing, following the instructions on the pack.  Shake out or hand-wash as usual afterwards.  Pilli...

Bamboo Straws

Sustainable lifestyle
It all starts with one straw at a time.  These bamboo straws are made to be reusable and great for the environment.  Our manufacturer cuts the bamboo to size, dries it and finishes the straws off with a natural look.   Each pack contains 10 reusable bamboo...
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