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Fish Leather Pouch

    • A stunning bag with a luxurious, suede finish.

      Made in super-sustainable fish skin leather, this pouch is a zero-waste trail blazer. Fish skin is a by-product of fishing and therefore a material that would not otherwise be used.

      A handy-sized pouch which can be used for cosmetics or as a clutch to hold your essentials. Full-edge zip gives the bag a generous opening, handy for getting at the contents easily.

    • Fish skin leather is a by-product of fishing which we are proud to use. It is a material that would otherwise go to waste, helping us achieve our zero-waste mission. .

      We chose to work with fish leather because it has an exotic look, similar to snake or lizard-skin. To get a similar look with those materials would almost always require the use of animals farmed for their skin. We can happily circumnavigate that supply chain.

      For every fish leather product sold, we donate 1 Swiss franc to our partner conservation project in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia.

    • 25 x 15 cm



Category: Circular economy, Hand-made, Reducing waste, Women

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