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We believe all materials can be sourced responsibly.  Tallis is a Geneva-based brand using responsibly sourced materials in a way that helps avoid waste. We uses reclaimed materials such as cashmere, fish leather and sheepskin to make beautiful knitwear and stylish accessories  Made of only natural fibres, our high-performance products are designed to last a lifetime and never pollute the environment.  All Tallis products have a story of sustainability, whether it's beanies made from vintage cashmere jumpers or knitwear which can be returned to us and turned into a hat, for free, when you've finished with it.  To learn more please explore our sourcing story and follow our blog.

the story of Tallis Brand

"I created Tallis to make luxury yet contemporary fur products, using responsibly sourced materials.  I have cared about sustainability since before spell-check recognised the word.  I used to ask waiters where their seafood came frombefore anyone asked that question, just to try to get the word out.  I have been passionate about sustainability since the penny first dropped while diving in a school of tuna, so when I founded Tallis I knew that sustainability was going to be integral to the brand.  Fur isn’t for everyone, but for those who want it, we aim to be their go-to brand for trusted products."  -  Lilly Milligan Gilbert, Tallis founder.  

The Tallis is a legendary deer, its name derives from a talisman - thought to bring good luck.  The story told over generations was that a Tallis saved a beleaguered tribe in a snow storm by showing the way to shelter, and since then has always brought safety and comfort to those who have the good fortune to spot him in the snow.​  Tallis is born from this legend.  We believe that what we do should take care of the environment and those around us.  
Can you spot our little dog Tigger in the photo?  For more Tigger, take a look at #thetiggerandthetallis

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