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Copy of Our Sourcing Story

Tallis made to order

Responsible sourcing is at the heart of Tallis, it is what we are all about.  We know where each of our products has come from and who made it, and we can therefore trust that it was made responsibly.  Which in turn means we can promise you our products are trustworthy. Our sourcing story is a combination of how we source our materials, in particular the fur we use and the

cashmere for our hats, alongside ensuring social responsibility in our manufacturing sites and achieving positive impact. The different sourcing policies which enable us to do this are descried below, if you would like more information or have any questions, we would be delighted to hear from you at

Tallis deer
Ethically Sourced Materials

Ethical fur and sheepskin is at the heart of Tallis, which we created to be a go-to brand for people who are looking for animal products from a trustworthy source. How do you define 'ethical fur and sheepskin'? Tallis has a clear set of criteria for the fur which we use, for example, we use recycled vintage fur, or fur which is a by-product of environmental management or the food industry. Our sourcing criteria are listed in detail and kept up to date on Our Fur page.  In order to ensure we are at the forefront of developments in the fur sector with regards to sourcing and traceability, we are a member of the British Fur Trade Association and we work very closely with Swiss Fur.

Tallis hand dyed hats
Upcycled Cashmere

Sourcing cashmere can throw up issues related to animal welfare and environmental stressors in the Kashmir region. For this reason we decided to produce all our cashmere hats from upcycled cashmere jumpers.  We work with Faith of Faith Hats to make our beanies and berets.  She customs designs the pieces for Tallis, then sources the jumpers.  She hand-cuts and hand-dyes each hat from start to finish in her workshop.  The craftsmanship and quality is one of the first things most customers notice when they pick up a Tallis hat for the first time.  We love how our hats are made and how unique they are: a cashmere jumper can yield 2-3 hats, so you will never find more than a couple Tallis hats identical.

Tallis hand made fur
Artisanal Production

All our fur and sheepskin products are hand-made in Geneva, Switzerland.  They are produced by furriers employing traditional machines and artisanal methods. Each piece is individual.

Label Bobine Tallis
Social Responsibility

All our fur products are finished in Switzerland by hand. Apart from the small amount we still sew ourselves, the majority of our finishing is done at CREATURE, the textile 
arm of SOS Femmes, which provides social and professional reintegration for women by offering alternative employment and training.

Lilly Milligan Gilbert Tallis
The Tallis Team

Lilly Milligan Gilbert, the founder and creative director of Tallis, has a deep love or sustainability and responsible sourcing.  That's why Tallis is all about creating products you can trust, bringing them to you is a passion that's in our DNA.  Lilly was joined by Vicky this year as the business expands and everywhere we go, Tigger the dog goes too.

British Fur Tallis

Tallis is a member of the British Fur Trade Association, enabling us to remain on the pulse of developments in the fur sector with regards to sourcing or traceability.  We are also working increasingly closely with Swiss Fur.

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