One of the founding values of Tallis was to listen and understand. We strive to operate with compassion and fairness towards our team members, customers and partners. We like to consider our team, both past and present, as one big family.

We hope the following statement will shed some light of how we think about diversity but our ears are open for more ideas, so if you have some, or want to ask any questions, please contact us.


    We are not diverse in terms of gender, with a team exclusively of women at the time of writing. We are currently not growing the team, but we commit to consider people of all genders and identities when we do. We know that this will ultimately make our team better and stronger and it will properly reflect our open and inclusive nature as a team and as a brand.

    Being a team of women does enable us to advocate and support women workers, often undervalued in the workplace. 


    2. FAMILY

    We are proud of being a very supportive and flexible working environment, in particular for working mothers. Throughout the Covid19 crisis, we have worked as a team despite every single one of us having children at home. We've welcomed back mums after babies and adapted to their needs. We have a strong work from home practice and a philosophy of trusting in dedicated work to get the job done, not hours or face-time.

    We hope this approach supports the return of working mothers to the workforce, whether with us or another employer in future. The transition back to work after a baby is tough, and those first crucial months can be pivotal in whether or not it is a success. By listening and creating an action plan for any issues as soon as they arise, problems can be diverted and built upon, giving our working mum employees the chance to continue a rich and fulfilling career.


    3. RACE

    We have worked with models, influencers and ambassadors of various races and ethnicity and we will continue to do that. We can always do better at this and we commit to actively ensure diversity in this area of our business. 

    Our team members come from all over the world and inclusivity is natural to us, but we can do better at making this more obvious to those outside our company.