Home-Made ideas from Tallis for a  

Locked in Halloween

From a spooky sweetie hunt to baking and movie choices.. we've got tons of creative ideas for a memorable and eco-conscious Halloween 2020.

Green Halloween Tips

It's less impactful

A home-made Halloween is a chance to consume consciously.

More meaningful

Focusing on doing things at home means more quality time together. 

And safer for all

We're all doing our bit to stay safe and minimise the spread of coronavirus.

Spooky Sweetie Hunt

Hide sweets around the house and set everyone off in search of them. Play our spooky playlist below to get everyone in the mood. 

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Treasure Hunt

Write a themed treasure hunt around the house complete with jumps and scary noises. 

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Lantern Competition

Have a Jack’O lantern design competition with your friends. Take pictures and nominate a judge to pick a winner. 

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Do some spooky face-painting and FaceTime your family and friends. Think of the carbon emissions you're saving by phoning instead of visiting! 

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Halloween Playlist

Get your home in the mood with these tunes on Spotify.

Spooky Den

Make a spooky camp with blankets and chairs and pretend its a hut in the middle of a forest. Scare the occupants with imaginative sound effects - wolf howls and breaking sticks.

Horror Stories

Get everyone to think up a spooky story using props - tell the story of King Harold’s death by an arrow in the eye and pass around an orange to poke fingers into; or Hansel and Gretel using a twig like the bone for Hansel's finger.

Halloween Games

Play Halloween games like apple-bobbing, biscuits on strings and ghost-man’s bluff (blind man’s bluff with a sheet over your head) .

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Home Cinema

Choose an age-appropriate Halloween movie. Our favourites: Coraline, Hocus Pocus, Adams Family,  Stargate, Corpse Bride and Sleepy Hollow.

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Our Favourite Halloween Recipes

Bake these spooky mummy cookies for a Halloween party or 'trick or treat' gift. Get everyone involved with decorating.

Spooky Mummy Biscuits

Nothing beats the crunch of a toffee apple on a crisp Autumnal evening, and these taste so much better than shop bought.

Home-Made Toffee Apples

Although it is obvious that children enjoy the look and taste of these ghosts, adults are not immune to their charms! 

Ghost Meringues

Not only does making home-made spooky treats save on transport and packaging, you can also alter ingredients or reduce sugar content if you feel like it. And if you involve the children, there's the bonus of keeping them busy at the same time!


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