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Fur is a beautiful, high performance material which can be sourced responsibly. All Tallis products are made from responsibly sourced fur. What does that mean?  We think it comes down to saying yes to two questions.  Do you know where the fur has come from and how the product was made?  And; would you be comfortable wearing it based on what you know?  To us, it’s about enabling our customers to make an informed decision based on what criteria are important to them.

How to order

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1. Well-being and health of the animals    
2. Breeding conditions    
3. Feed maintenance    

We describe clearly on each product page how we’ve sourced the fur and why we trust it.  What constitutes a trust-worthy source for Tallis?  It should either:

If you love it upcycle it

Ethically Sourced Materials

Ethical fur and sheepskin is at the heart of Tallis, which we created to be a go-to brand for people who are looking for animal products from a trustworthy source. How do you define 'ethical fur and sheepskin'? Tallis has a clear set of criteria for the fur which we use, for example, we use recycled vintage fur, or fur which is a by-product of environmental management or the food industry. Our sourcing criteria are listed in detail and kept up to date on Our Fur page.  In order to ensure we are at the forefront of developments in the fur sector with regards to sourcing and traceability, we are a member of the British Fur Trade Association and we work very closely with Swiss Fur.

Up-cycled Cashmere

Sourcing cashmere can throw up issues related to animal welfare and environmental stressors in the Kashmir region. For this reason we decided to produce all our cashmere hats from up-cycled cashmere jumpers.  We work with Faith of Faith Hats to make our beanies and berets.  She customs designs the pieces for Tallis, then sources the jumpers.  She hand-cuts and hand-dyes each hat from start to finish in her workshop.  The craftsmanship and quality is one of the first things most customers notice when they pick up a Tallis hat for the first time.  We love how our hats are made and how unique they are: a cashmere jumper can yield 2-3 hats, so you will never find more than a couple Tallis hats identical.