Confirmation and charges:

Once we receive your form, we send you an email to confirm the order and any charges (listed below). If there is a payment, we send you an invoice by email.

When your jumper arrives in Geneva, we clean it and check it over, then transform it into a beanie by hand. The whole process takes 1-2 weeks, after which you will have your ultra-personal, one-of-a-kind beanie. Thank you for being part of our forever movement!

Price list:

FREE for any Tallis jumper. FREE return postage.

89 Francs (£65) including postage if you send us a different jumper.


FREE to make if your Tallis jumper has a trim we can use.

49 Francs (£35) if we source our own sheepskin or recycled fur for you.


Our standard one-size-fits-all works for practically everybody. If you have a very large or small head, or want a hat for a child or baby, please specify this in the special request field (with age of the child, if applicable). Our children's beanies are designed to stretch so that they grow as the child grows. There is no extra charge for different sizes.