Ski Box FAQ

Rental options:

1) By product, return after one month.

2) Monthly subscription with option to swap your products each month. 

Rental costs:

1) All products have a rental price based on their value and typical rental duration.

2) Monthly subscription is 130 CHF / month (for up to 3 months) or 110 CHF / month for longer subscriptions.

For subscriptions up to 3 months, customer may choose products with combined rental price of 250 CHF. For subscriptions over 3 months, customers may choose products with combined rental price of 400 CHF. 

Payment and deposit:

Payment of the rental fee is in advance by cash, card or invoice.

An invoice will be sent for the deposit amount (100% of the value of the garment(s)) which the customer is not required to pay unless items are not returned at the end of the rental period. Customers are required to give proof of address and a copy of ID for the invoice.

Option to buy:

There is an option to buy products at a discounted price instead of returning them at the end of the rental period, or in the monthly swap.

Collection and delivery:

Collection is either at a Tallis shop or popup, if you choose your items in person. If choosing items by email, your box will be delivered by post (Tallis pays the postage cost). 

Return delivery is the responsibility of the customer. Tallis can organise a collection of returned items for a fee of 20 CHF in Geneva or 60 CHF in Vaud.

Wear and tear:

Items should be returned in good condition, fair wear and tear is accepted but damage due to negligence will lead to a deduction of the deposit of up to 30% depending on the level of damage.