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Geneva Red Cross Appeal

In participation with SwissDon, Tallis has launched an appeal in support of the Geneva Red Cross.

Red Cross volunteers are helping people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland, but this is a challenging time for the organisation and they need our support.

Your donation will support the Geneva Red Cross to continue helping the most vulnerable people, despite all the challenges the organisation faces right now. Their activities cover three areas:

1. Childcare for medico-social staff: the “Chaperon Rouge” (Red Riding Hood) service operates with absolute priority given to the children of hospital and “imad” staff (home help and care service). The objective here is, of course, to support the medico-social staff and allow them to continue working.

2. Community Interpreting Service: this service provides interpreters to people in need. Again, priority is given to the hospitals as it is absolutely vital that health workers and patients can fully understand each other.

3. Elderly people: this service helps the many elderly and / or at-risk and isolated people by providing help such as food and medical shopping, maintaining contact (phones, messages, etc.), material assistance, etc. It is important that these people do not lose contact with the outside world and that their health (mental and physical) does not deteriorate due to their confinement. 

Please help the Geneva Red Cross. Please donate now.


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